Sub Assembly

APLUS offers assembly capability of various products as well as building individual sub assemblies. Our services consist of manufacturing and integrating raw PCBs, populated PCBAs, cables, battery packs and displays within a custom chassis or front panel assembly. Our services include design assistance, assembly and test of your product. APLUS may also help to support upgrades, redesign, re-evaluate or modernize existing products to improve not only performance but to support cost reductions.

Panel Assembly
Cable Integration
Input Modules
Switches & Displays
Sheet Metal & Custom Plastics
Built to Customer Drawings
Tested for Functionality before Shipment


PCB Design & Assembly
Design, Production & Assembly
From Schematic to PCB or PCBA
Single, Double and Multilayer
Pitch to 0.10mm
SMD Component Placement
Axial, Radial & DIP Insertion
Mixed Technology Production
Electronic Testing to Customer Specification


Design & Production
Small Enclosures to Larger Desk Top Units
Wide Range of Designs—Simple to Intricate
Mold Designs to Customer Specifications


Combining Cable, PCB & Enclosure Production
Turn-Key Solution
Packed with Instruction Manuals
Customer Ready Distribution