APLUS LCDs are manufactured using COG (Chip On Glass), COB (Chip On Board), TAB (Tape Array Bonding) and COF (Chip On Flex) technology. From small graphic units suitable for cell phones to character modules for industrial use to larger TFTs (Thin Film Transistor) for medical and audio applications you are sure to find high quality, prompt delivery and competitive pricing at APLUS Products.

Chip on Glass
Small Graphic Displays
Low Cost
Standard Configuration


TFT Color Panel
1.4 to 10.4 inch
Emerging Standard in Color Display
Controller Cards available
Touch Panel Available


Chip on Board Graphic
80*32 to 320*240 Available
Up to 5.7" Diagonal Screen Size
LED Backlighting
Touch Panel Available


Chip on Board Character
8*1 through 40*4 Configurations
Variety of LED Backlight Colors
Value Add Features:
Pin Header, Standoffs, Cables


Direct Drive Custom Glass
Custom Symbols and Characters
Elastomer or Pins
Low Tooling Costs
Backlighting Available