Connectivity rules the Internet of things: from wearable medical sensors to home security cameras. And successfully integrating RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other capabilities in small, high- performance devices requires a deep understanding of the full, end-to-end ecosystem of wireless technology.

Our expertise includes engineering, certification, and test development..

Wireless Engineering

  • Antenna design
  • RF and wireless architecture
  • Medical data communications
  • RFID tag, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and RFID reader, cellular, broadband, and Bluetooth integration
    Signal processing
  • MESH networks (ZigBee and thread integration)

Wireless Certification

  • Wi-Fi
  • 2ib BEE
  • Bluetooth

RF and Wireless Test Development

  • RF, IP, and cellular network
  • RFID performance
  • Antenna performance, best costs and supply chain, Approvals, qualification, and tuning
  • Microwave and millimeter wave antenna performance: ultra-wide band (UWB), cellular and digital cellular, GPS
  • Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, and Wi-Fi

HMI Expertise

  • Sensors: light, proximity, current/power, environment, motion, flow, and others
  • IoT architecture
  • Capacitive/discrete/resistive touchscreens
  • 3D gesture recognition lasers and optics

The rise of embedded sensors, advanced analytics and smarter networks is revolutionizing the industrial landscape. In
this dynamic environment, you need to innovate constantly to stay ahead of the competition. Electronic precepts helps you access
the latest in advanced technology, automation and manufacturing solutions to design, develop and your product

Commercial Monitoring and Sub metering

Commercial Water Treatment and Filtering Systems

Blow Down Controllers for Cooling Towers and Boilers

Diagnostic Test Equipment for Air conditioning, Refrigeration Heating and Automotive


Automotive Performance

LoRa Temperature Sensing


From wristbands and home appliances and building sensors to industrial MEMS actuators, virtually all devices can now
feature some degree of awareness and interactivity.

Our extensive experience with sensors, wireless connectivity, mechanical components, and human machine interfaces
makes us an ideal partner for IoT development and production. Whether designing a new product or adding features to
existing products, or replacing old functionality with smaller, better elements, we can help:

Our Capabilities and experience of applications: bio-sensing, fluid/gas, light, proximity, current/power, humidity, position, motion, temperature, flow, and pressure can be applied to your specific product applications.


We have a very broad range of Mobility related products ranging from Patient Tracking, Personnel Tracking Student
Tracking to Real Time Location Services for Senior Living and Schools, restricted access on time alerts and notifications.
Asset Tracking, shopper tracking, BLE and Wi-Fi locks and switches, to Beacons, Occupancy and desk sensors.

Connected Vehicles: Actionable Telematics

  • Connectivity Management
  • Driver Assistance
  • Driver Safety
  • Driving Analytics
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • IoT Integrations
  • Logistics
  • Mobile Applications
  • Regional Compliance
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Routing & Dispatch
  • Telematics